9. Lesson Makeover

Chapter 9 Lesson Makeover

Choose the lesson linked below that best matches the grade level/content area you intend to teach. Each of these have been selected from Teachers' Edition textbooks that you will be likely to be handed as a classroom teacher. Your job is to do a thorough makeover of the lesson, transforming it into an innovative, differentiated lesson that integrates technology and thoroughly engages your students. The makeover document to turn in is in your personal folder in your OneNote Class Notebook.

1st Phonics

2nd Reading

3rd Health

3rd Science

4th Reading

4th Spelling

7th Civics

8th Grammar

8th Science

10th Literature

HS Agriculture (turn this into a lesson appropriate for Ag I)

HS American History

HS Art

HS Biology

HS Careers

HS Health

HS World Geography

MS Math

Spanish 3

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